About Onlineilam.com

We Started Work With Our First Website Named Directionmaker Developed by Mubeen Rajput in September 2014 by Providing Quality of Information Related to Computer and How to Fix Problems They Are Facing but unfortunately After Almost 2 Years We have to Shut it Down Due to Personal Reasons.

Then in September 2016 Started Own YouTube Channel named Direction maker And Still We Providing People With Quality of Education Related to IT Which Helps them to Stand in the Market

Onlineilam.com is A Platform For the Student of IT/Computer Science Who Respond Better to Online Content.We Provide Them A Better Platform or A Place For Better Learning of Things Related To Their Fields With Extra Things And With New Way.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Provide People and Students With Quality of Education and Information By Our Courses by Providing them Tips to Work According To the Current Market and How the Survive in the IT Market and innovative New Things by Their OWn.
We Providing These All Courses Without Any Charges, it Totally Free, So the People can Learn Easily And Able to Stand in The Market.